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Ugh, you have just looked in your closet and you have NOTHING to wear...of course, there are lots of items hanging there, that cute top, but you're not sure what to match it with; or that skirt you haven't worn yet because you don't know what goes with it.

Ladies, your problems have been solved! Let me introduce you to Mercedes, she is a local Image Consultant whose FB page is Timmie's Closet. One of the services she offers is creating any wardrobe out of your own items! Need help putting work outfits together? No problem! How about casual or date night ensembles? Yes! "Oh, but I don't feel comfortable having someone come into my home right now", you say...That's ok, she can work virtually with you! Simply take photos of your clothing and she will arrange them for you!

Here is her info link, you can schedule an appointment, and get more info:

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