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How Does This Whole Consignment Thing Work??

This is the #1 question I get asked at the store, and I love to hear it! Any time I can educate and introduce consignment selling and shopping, I am a happy girl!

We have a mantra at our stores; Name-Brand, Excellent Condition, and Current Style. If your item fits all of these categories, we would love to sell it for you. You receive 40% of the selling price, or 50% in store credit.

Items must come in Clean, Pressed, and on Hangers. I like to tell people to think of it as Ready to Sell. We look through your items and determine if your items would appeal to our customers. As items sell, you can keep track of your accounts online and watch your credit build.

These are just the basics, for more detail click the Consignment 101 Tab on our website, or watch this video that not only explains how we work, but also a little fashion show to give you a better idea!

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